Moderation Policy

The purpose of the email summaries is to allow the College of Engineering to communicate announcements and events that might be relevant to the students in the College of Engineering. The College will also consider submissions from students representing University of Michigan Sponsored and Voluntary Student Organizations, faculty, and staff for distribution to the list following the policies and guidelines described in this document.

The College of Engineering Office of Student Affairs oversees and manages these policies and appeals. Questions regarding their implementation should be directed to the Executive Director of Student Affairs or the Assistant Director of Student Affairs.

Who May Submit

The following are authorized to submit postings about announcements and events:

    • College of Engineering Pre-approved Submitters - College of Engineering staff who have received the same preparation as the moderators of the student announcement summaries.

    • Students at the University of Michigan on behalf of a Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) or Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) listed on Maize Pages who have been designated as their organization contact person (must be done at the start of every term).

    • Faculty and Staff of the University of Michigan who submit events and announcements on behalf of their departments or a student organization they advise.

Posting Announcements and Events