Communicating to College of Engineering Students

The Engineering Community Calendar and Student Announcement Summaries are intended to enable representatives of University of Michigan Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO) and Voluntary Student Organizations (VSO) to share information regarding their hosted events and announcements with College of Engineering students. Faculty and staff are encouraged to create calendar events; information regarding this process is found here. Specific information for student organizations is found here.

Communications to College of Engineering students are classified as either an Event (appropriate for a calendar) or an Announcement (of general interest, not appropriate for a calendar); submissions, however, cannot be both. To submit an event or announcement to be considered for inclusion in student communications, visit the appropriate link below (requires authentication).

All submissions must follow the College of Engineering Administration's submission requirements and moderation policies. Events will be posted to the University of Michigan Calendar. Events and announcements will be sent to College of Engineering students as part of summary email messages based on the publication schedule. The content of these summaries does not necessarily represent the views of either the College of Engineering or the University of Michigan.

The University Calendar can be accessed here: https://events.umich.edu